Thursday, July 18, 2013

Essentially that is done

The material is now ready for processing and submission to the client tomorrow. Despite his fears, the Gorse Fox has managed to leave at a sensible time and sits on his normal train awaiting departure to the civilised South Coast. (The gentle coo'ing of a cold beer can just be heard over the sound of the air conditioning and the 60 mile gap from here to home).

It has been a strange and bitty day - sorting out diagrams, reviewing text, word-smithing complex ideas to make them more intelligible and all this interspersed with empty slots that triggered streams of consciousness on other topics. The Gorse Fox feels sorry for his colleague John who has had to put up with these various explosions of ideas.

The Gorse Fox has a quiet day planned tomorrow - and whilst he will be working for part of the day it will be to catch up on other work, not related to this client.

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