Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Docs away

it has been a good day - the non-attendance of colleagues on a call this morning released 90 minutes of the Gorse Fox's day back and allowed him to clear the last few items on the document he was finishing. That is now in the ether and awaiting review and feedback.

Other meetings went ahead and were quite helpful  indeed the Gorse Fox was lumbered with presenting another colleagues work. This went quite well - and as usual he finds that if you present material with enough confidence and panache, nobody really asks whether you know what you are talking about.

Though it has rained on and off throughout the day in London the Gorse Fox has managed to stay clear (but then he only has about 10 yards to walk where he is exposed to the elements. 

Talking of exposure - he has to complete his mid-year reviews this week and feels exposed. He has 6 more reviews to conduct before the end of Friday... alongside the day job. At least they are all scheduled now.

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