Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The Gorse Fox is aware of the two competing themes in modern society and he is troubled by the dichotomy they provide.

On the one hand there is the attempt to stifle free speech and prevent people from saying anything that is not approved as politically correct. This has come to a head this week with the vile abuse of certain people on twitter due to their timerity to espouse views that were different from their abusers. Whilst the Gorse Fox does not in any way condone abuse - he worries about the affront to people expressing or opposing ideas. 

This seems at least illiberal, if not actually repressive.

On the other hand we find the printed press, the TV industry, and film glorifying promiscuity, infidelity, disrespect, and avarice. What was a gradual liberalisation has become an accepted norm. Fidelity seems to be looked on as unnatural - indeed even sneered at.

This seems liberal to the point of moral erosion and decay.

The Gorse Fox will not conform.

The Gorse Fox's rule is agree, disagree, or ignore - but always respect someone's right to have an opinion.

His other rule is to be honest, be true, and respect and love your partner.

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