Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back in London

Another hot and steamy day in the City, The Gorse Fox let a couple of tube trains leave without him this morning as they were too full and he refuses to start the day with his nose pressed into some stranger's armpit.

The office was quiet today which meant that he could get a lot of work done and also get bits of research under his belt. The one issue that has been tickling at the brain cells is beginning to gain currency elsewhere in the project. Fortunately GF has a couple of his lads working on this and today it was clear they have come up with a cunning plan.

He managed to get away sharply tonight and that meant he managed to get onto the earlier train. This was a mistake. It was packed and the GF didn't manage to get a seat until the train left Horsham. He doesn't really mind the standing up but what he does dislike is travelling with coarse, foul mouthed harridans and their nasty little kids. The Gorse Fox must say that they reinforce his ingrained prejudices against the Croydon area. It was like standing in the middle of one of the foul soap operas that infest the TV and encourage people to believe that confrontation and vulgarity is norm. The Gors Fox despairs for the children. What chance do they have when their mother F's and blinds at them at the top of her voice on crowded train.

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