Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another one approaching completion

Another day full of discussions, writing, diagrams, and panic as Starfleet approaches the release of commercial terms with the client. Those who have worked in the organisation will recognise the sheer volume of work that always seems to accumulate in the last days before release. There are plenty of people expecting a very late night tonight and the Gorse Fox expects to be summoned to a t/c when he gets back home. 

Interestingly the Gorse Fox has been invited to a meeting (which he cannot attend) on Friday. A delegate was suggested but the programme director admitted that nobody else understood the whole problem and its solution as well as the Gorse Fox and delegates were not really acceptable. Considering they have been ignoring tgf for the last couple of months, it is good to hear that they are beginning to recognise the wisdom of his words (finally). Well as the Gorse Fox is not available on Friday a delegate will have to do!

The Gorse Fox has a couple of changes to manage in the management tree. This is proving to be a bigger commitment of time than expected, particularly when others intervene and screw things up.

Later train home tonight... but that's the nature of this point in the commercial release.

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