Saturday, June 15, 2013


What a pleasant day it turned out to be. Some initial "playing" on the new computer found a product collection called AMPPS which looks as if it will provide the ideal hosting environment for the Gorse Fox's secret, private, blog. Once it was install the Gorse Fox spent an hour or so going through many of its interesting components. There is still a fair bit of faffing around to be done before all is copied across (and some changes the Gorse Fox made to Wordpress need to be re-applied to ensure that dates prior to 1970 are handled, but it does look promising).

Betty and Barney Rubble came over to visit. It is always nice to see them - and as they have recently returned from a week in Edinburgh there was much to talk about. We popped down to "The Old Stables" at the race course for lunch. Though close enough to walk there, we took the car is the skies looked a bit threatening. The meal was nice, without being special. Good simple fare, well cooked and served by a cheerful and helpful waitress.

Back at the house Barney Rubble set to work with a screw-driver to try and determine why we had problem with some of the phone sockets. After much to-ing and fro-ing we had got all of the sockets working. The problem was we had introduced a buzz on the line and dropped the internet speed by 2Mbps. The Silver Vixen made an executive decision - undo it all and get it back to how it was. So it is that we now have 3 working phone sockets and 3 dead ones again. The internet connection is back up close to where we had it before.

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