Friday, June 28, 2013

On any Friday

There used to be a video called "On Any Sunday" which revealed the world of the car racing enthusiast.
There should be a similar expose of any Friday, showing a chap sitting at a desk for 8 hours with a phone stuck to his ear. Though to be fair, it hasn't been as bad today as many weeks.

As we move towards submitting the next part of our commercial response - the focus turns to developing the supporting documents. The outline for this has already been discussed, but the Gorse Fox has managed to input many pages of text today and will slowly pull the remaining sections together  next week.

Mid morning there was an interrupt as the man from the delivery company arrived to collect the sideboard that had been erroneously ordered/delivered and discovered last weekend. It was good to get that out of the house as it was huge, even when packed flat.

Meeting up with the Gorse Fox's tiny sister and her husband this evening at that nice Mr Evans's restuarant. (It's her birthday tomorrow, so time to sit and tease her about the continued onset of old age).

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