Monday, June 03, 2013

Getting About

There was a meeting planned in London. Tomorrow a meeting is planned in Edinburgh, and Wednesday back in London. Sorting out the best routings was an interesting challenge. In the end the Gorse Fox drove to Gatwick and parked. The got the train to London (only to find the meeting had been cancelled).

All was not lost - it was still a very fruitful day and much progress was made. Then, just before five, the Gorse Fox went by tube to Victoria and caught the train down to Gatwick, the monorail back to North Terminal and returned to his car to collect his overnight case. By six he was in the Terminal and preparing for the flight.

(Preparation involves finding a suitable place to grab a bite to eat before the flight).

Now several hours later the Gorse Fox is sitting in his hotel room having listened to a taxi driver bemoan the state of Scottish football all the way across from the airport.

What will tomorrow bring?


The Mighty Atom said...

Must have been a Hearts fan...

We've signed two players and kept our top scorer, all is not lost in Scottish football!

The Gorse Fox said...

He was, indeed, a Heart fan.... but was remarkably sanguine regarding Hibs, saving his vitriol for Celtic!