Thursday, May 02, 2013

That's It

Plans have changed during the day. The Gorse Fox will now be working from home tomorrow, despite thinking he would come back up to town. His schedule sees an almost unbroken series of teleconferences from 0800 through until 1800 - so given the marvels of telephony he may as well stay in Sussex.

Today was a bit bitty. There is some serious thinking and design work to do, but there was a schedule of meetings and calls to interrupt progress.

Had a serendipitous meeting at lunchtime. As a result the Gorse Fox has found a new tool that will allow him to complete one of his planned tasks in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken... and it allows him to collaborate on the development rather than serialise it.

Lots of activities building up - fear that the Gorse Fox needs to be in two places at once next week. Edinburgh and London.

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