Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More of the same.

The Gorse Fox started a bit earlier today - he wanted to renew his season ticket, but was stymied by staff sickness and the consequential closed ticket office. Developing a quick Plan B he used the electronic ticketing machines to provide cover for the day and will try again this evening (or tomorrow morning).

The day has been spent either writing documents or turning up for teleconferences only to find that key participants couldn't be bothered to turn up. Now, the odd absence is forgivable but when those people are sitting ten deep in a meeting that only requires a couple of them, then it is unprofessional (and typical of the behaviour of this particular group).

Lots of writing and drawing of diagrams has kept the Gorse Fox busy as the picture he was trying to convey began to clarify in his mind. This was important as it dictates how he will tell the story that explains the overall strategy for the programme.

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