Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mmm... senior moment

Having got the early train with the expectation of working much of the afternoon and early evening from home, the Gorse Fox was pleased to be pulling into Barnham Station on time. Having chatted with the guard on the run in, he wished him a cheery farewell and headed down the the tunnel. As he emerged he went to grab his car keys and that's when it dawned on him that they were tucked in his pocket. The pocket was in his waterproof jacket, and the waterproof jacket was just pulling out of the station en route to Chichester.

GF hurried back and spoke to the station supervisor. He rolled his eyes in a way that needed no additional comment, and then phoned Gary at Chichester. Gary retrieved the jacket and waited on the platform for the Gorse Fox to arrive on the next train.

The extra twenty-five minute round trip had not been part of the plan. But at least he had his car keys and managed to get home.


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The Gray Monk said...

It comes to us all eventually ... Luckily your jacket was still where you'd left it!