Wednesday, May 29, 2013


An interesting day.

First we tried to define a RACI which defined the project responsibilities. This got so far, then collapsed requiring separate input and re-covergence. We await the impact.

Then we looked at the environment strategy and again got to a stage that required specific additional input and refactoring from the Gorse Fox.

Next we had a programme wide meeting wher the Gorse Fox got blamed for not having a target architecture defined. The Gorse Fox pointed out that his people had ignored every call that the Gorse Fox had set up in the last six weeks. Embarrassed he promised that his people would attend all further calls. We'll see. Tomorrow at 0830 the Gorse Fox has arranged another meeting.

There was a lot of internecine argument in the next meeting. It was like listening to children arguing over nothing - and so the Gorse Fox switched off, rolled his eyes, and got on with some real work. This was all followed by a programme-wide meeting followed by a few glasses of wine.

The Gorse Fox may have consumed several glasses of wine more than he should have done. He finally decided to leave the office with Deep Blue and grab a bite to eat at a local hostelry. It was nice to catch up after so long. A really, really, pleasant evening.

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