Thursday, May 30, 2013

Frustrating day

The plan for the day was scrapped - the Gorse Fox had to get a presentation prepared for one of the VPs. His people were meant to contribute. They turned up an hour late, contributed nothing of value - except perhaps hot air, then left. The Gorse Fox was left to get on with it - which in some was was easier (he had, after all consulted and offered collaboration). They will now get whatever the Gorse Fox decides he wants to design.

The complexity of what we are trying to do means that the slides being developed are quite complex. (Frankly, what we are being asked to do can probably only be undertaken by Starfleet. the Gorse Fox doesn't believe any other organisation in the world could manage to deliver this in the time we have available). As a result, the Gorse Fox didn't manage to complete the whole story - but he got the outline nailed and managed to write about half of the storyline. It will be interesting to see what comments come back from the work-in-progress review.

He is now winding down with a beer and a pizza in the airport, prior to flying home.

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