Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Earlier bird, still no worm

The Gorse Fox left home earlier. The plan was to get an earlier train so that he could attend a conference call in peace at 0900. The train left on time, arrived on time, but the Gorse Fox had forgotten how long it takes to walk from London Bridge to Starfleet's offices. In the end, he only arrived in the office a few minute earlier than usual.

The bulk of the day was of little note, but mid afternoon the Gorse Fox had to head up to Islington to meet with the client. This turned out to be a very good meeting - and though it over-ran, we managed to achieve a great deal.

The overrunning of the meeting meant that the Gorse Fox missed his usual train home, but only by a few minutes. Next one was scheduled for 30 minutes later, so the impact wasn't too great.

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