Saturday, May 18, 2013


By the end of the day things are clearer.

It started with a quick trip to Chi (as we locals call it) to pick up the new spectacles. The coating on the old pair had broken down and they turned all blotchy in sunlight. The new pair, almost identical to look at, have a new coating and should giver several  years of clarity, and respite from bright sunlight. Then on to the Bank, where the deposit for the villa in Thailand was executed, and finally on to the DIY store for some loft boards to provide a basis for some storage in the garage roof space.

We had a viewing at lunch time. Yes, we may have only just moved, but we still have to find a permanent home. This property was back in Angmering. It was superb, but somehow, despite the show-house quality, it didn't quite tick the emotional box that said "This is the one".

Back home, Urban-cub and Pistol Pete arrived to help. The loft boards were fixed and soon there were boxes processing down from the upstairs spare-room and finding their way up in the loft-void in the garage. Some, of course, were to precious or delicate for garage storage, and so Pistol Pete climbed up into the loft and laid the boards that were already in there so that we could pass more boxes and bags up for storage.

By the end the spare room had be cleared and the Gorse Fox could see clearly. Result!

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