Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in the North

The Gorse Fox seemed to spend much of the day on the phone, but at least - thanks to the mute button - he was able to get on with some other work alongside the calls. As a result he managed to refactor a couple of spreadsheets, which he had been threatening to do for a week or two.

At 1700 he hit the road, filled up with diesel and headed for Gatwick. Not yet used to the journey he was still allowing a little extra time - but this was not necessary as he was walking into the terminal at 1800. The journey was trouble-free and the Gorse Fox was first off the plane in Edinburgh, straight to the taxi, and soon checked in at the hotel.

The hotel is full and the Gorse Fox has been warned the room he has been allocated can be a little noisy, being under reception and on the front of the building at basement level. Time will tell if this proves to be an issue.

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