Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Back at the keyface

Well, it's not as catchy as coal-face, but for the Gorse Fox it makes a bit more sense. Catching what is now becoming his normal train, the Gorse Fox headed up to the Starfleet offices by the Thames. For some reason the journey seemed a little slower today, but he was still in the office about 2 hours after leaving home.

The day was spent splitting time between writing a short presentation on systems integrators, working out what to delegate, reviewing plans, and setting up meetings for later in the week. Not exactly riveting, but a fruitful day nevertheless. Thursday is looking promising as many of the Gorse Fox's colleagues are at an all day meeting. This should give him a quiet day to make some more progress.

Late in the afternoon the Gorse Fox managed to catch up with one of his team for a coffee and a chat. He's been so busy he has been neglecting his team recently and really must get back to his regular calls.

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