Friday, May 31, 2013

Another day over - little achieved

The constant interrupts caused by teleconferences are turning Fridays into fruitless events. There is usually so much to get done, but no time between the calls to do it. So it was, again, today.

The first call was with the client's design team where the intention was to go through the issues. Frankly much of the call was just chat between their people and it was only the last 15 minutes that afforded the Gorse Fox a platform to raise several of our key issues. One of these was a bit of an eye-opener when the Gorse Fox pointed out that that they can keep adding functions to their scope - but they couldn't afford what they already had specified and they should be looking at simplifying. That went down like a lead balloon... but paved the way for some executive discussions that will have to happen next week.

After several further calls we came to the HR call. This was informative and useful in that it answered some questions that the GF was getting form his people. As a follow-on to this GF was called by his CTO and asked to reassign a number of staff across the management tree in recognition of the impending departure of a number of colleagues. That will have to be a back-burner activity for the moment, but needs to be finished by the end of June.

Grabbing a few minutes here and there, the presentation which should have been the focus for the day grew and progressed very slightly. But not enough. GF can see this being a task for tomorrow whilst the Silver Vixen returns to her coven for the day.

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