Monday, April 22, 2013


It was quite a day. The removal chaps arrived at 08:00 and quickly got stuck in. They worked non-stop and by 13:00 the house and gardens were packed into two huge vans. The Silver Vixen and Urban-cub cleaned and polished as each room was cleared.

We headed to the new house and the Gorse Fox started to direct the boxes and furniture to the correct rooms. As we progressed it became clear that there was more to down-sizing than throwing out some wardrobes. Bit by bit the first few thousand boxes got emptied and it was possible to start to see carpet.

BT made contact. It seems that it will be mid-May before we have a phone line or broadband. For now the Gorse Fox will have to make the most of 3G (which seems very poor at the moment).

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