Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What a save

The Silver Vixen was checking properties on line. She noticed the that the home we were planning to rent had disappeared. Panic.

She phoned the agent - they had let it to someone else despite us making it clear that they should contact bus if anyone else showed interest. The Silver Vixen got stuck in and the balloon went up (metaphorically). Several hours and many phone calls later she had it sorted. We move - all things being equal - next Friday. No panic!

Thank goodness the Silver Vixen was on the ball and spotted the problem.

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Gigibird said...

A similar thing happened to us - paid a visit to our Building Society to pay a lump off or our mortgage...I made it clear it was for the interest only part knowing that usual procedure is to take it from the repayment part unless stated....the cashier made no note or tapped anything into her computer the next day I telephone head office - good job as it was about to come of the repayment part.......everything the young woman said was incorrect -
No wonder I am mostly anxious all of the time.
A week to go and nowhere to move too....ding dongs GF - good job Mrs GF got it sorted.