Thursday, April 04, 2013

Summer Schedules

Damn and Blast!

EasyJet have switched to their summer schedule. This has added several hours to the GFs week as his flight to Edinburgh arrives later, and his flight home isn't scheduled to land until 21:30.... and then to top off the "customer experience" they bus us back to the terminal - adding another fifteen minutes or so to the journey. It was just after 22:30 before GF arrived home.

That's got that off the chest (until next week)

It had been a glorious day in Edinburgh (though cold with snow showers down here in Sussex). AT lunchtime GF was able to stroll across St Andrew's Square in shirtsleeves - as long as he stayed away from the shaded areas (which were still very cold).

Documents are almost ready - just awaiting the insertion of some tables, once the team have finished rebuilding the source database! Pressure is slightly relieved by the fact that we will not hand over the documents until the client has signed the contract. It seems that some of the large organisation believe that Starfleet operate as a charity and there is no real necessity to pay.

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