Monday, April 15, 2013


It can be a problem when work interrupts a train of thought or plan of action. So it was today. The Gorse Fox had to start the day at the Starfleet office in Edinburgh where he would spend much of the morning in a workshop.

By lunchtime he had not received any interrupts from the real world so he did the interrupting by phone the letting agency to determine what else they may need. They claimed they had sent some forms for the Gorse Fox to have completed but it was evident they had not arrived. after a little cajoling and pushing the agents re-sent the forms and the Gorse Fox started to complete them. This proved fairly trouble-free until it came time to submit them. It didn't like the format of Starfleet email addresses, claiming they were invalid. Eventually when the Gorse Fox had found a way round that he tried to submit but nothing appeared to happen. Frantic phone calls with the agent revealed that the reason was that the Gorse Fox had not clicked a particular button. checking the form, the Gorse Fox observed that the button suggested was not actually on the form. Bizarre... but sorted.

By the end of the day everything seemed to be on schedule... though Starfleet say it takes 4-7 working days to turn round a reference. Not much the Gorse Fox can do about that today but he will start to exert pressure tomorrow.

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