Saturday, April 13, 2013

Positive vibes

The positive vibes and wishes of friends, readers, and family are obviously paying off. The plan was to view three potential houses, but ended up as four. It was clear, however, soon after we entered the first house that we had a solid contender. The Agent was instructed to call her office and get things under way and the rest of the day was really spent confirming to ourselves that the other options were not really viable and fielding telephone calls from the letting agent asking for various details.

Now we are up against time - can we turn round the references and forms in time? (and more to the point, will the solicitors be in a position to exchange contracts - because the final commitments can't be made until that happens).

The stress of the last few days has morphed to a gentle but mounting excitement. It looks as if we may soon be living in Fontwell... but based on recent experience, the Gorse Fox is not counting any chickens.

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