Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today has been about phones. the first call came in at 08:30 and they just followed, one after another until late morning. The Gorse Fox got an hour or so to do some actual work before the 14:00 teleconference kicked in and that was followed by another teleconference which, in turn, was followed by a call to BT to try and sort out the phone lines. Even that call - with no appreciable wait - took 40 minutes.

Meanwhile the Silver Vixen had popped back to the old house to pick up mail, popped into the Agent's to proffer goodies and champagne as a "thank you" and dropped off a few letters that the Gorse Fox can't email because the broadband is not set up and they were to big to email over 3G.

Finally, the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen zipped along to the restaurant at Fontwell Park Racecourse (The Old Stables) to enjoy some lamb shank (with hardly a trace of horse meat) and a rich sweet.

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