Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Long day

It was a relatively long day. An early start saw the sun lighting up Edinburgh in a way that has been sorely lacking for a number of weeks. Today was glorious - if chilly. A quick breakfast prepared Gorse Fox for a stroll up past the Castle and down to Princes Street en route for Starfleet's offices.

A number of internal meetings and discussions filled the morning before we headed down to the client's site for a meeting with their project managers. We seemed to come to a remarkably quick consensus on what was needed in the deliverables scheduled for this week... and headed back up the hill to Starfleet for the rest of the day.

Gorse Fox has just got back from supper at Nanyang's - the local Malaysian restaurant that he likes so much. The plan for the rest of the evening is to catch up on last week's documentary on Pompeii. BBC iPlayer can be a boon to the travelling man!

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