Friday, April 12, 2013


Well we seem to be in limbo. The owner of the house that we had hoped to rent has concluded dealings with the other party and she is set to move in. The GF is furious about the way in which the agent has behaved, but respects the owner who had taken the position that he was negotiating with the other party first and because we didn't commit (because the agent didn't keep us informed, and the contracts had not been exchanged) he opted for her. His decision was honest.

But we are in limbo.

The agent took us to see another property - it was in the local equivalent of Millionaires' Row. Fabulous location, but the house was barely habitable. The Gorse Fox felt embarrassed that the agent thought we might consider it. The place needed raising to the ground and rebuilding - not a lick of paint.

The online search continued. Several properties have been shortlisted and tomorrow we will rattle round the county viewing candidates.

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The Gray Monk said...

Best of luck. The agent frankly needs a good kicking.