Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Holding one's breath

Despite the Gorse Fox's worse fears, Starfleet came through with the reference needed. Indeed, the Gorse Fox had implemented Plan B so in the end they got two references. Meanwhile back home the Silver Vixen had heard from the agent and it looks set for a contract exchange tomorrow. One may hardly dare hope....

But being the optimists that we are, the removal company are turning up tomorrow to start on the packing.

Meanwhile back at Starfleet the Gorse Fox has been preparing material for a workshop tomorrow and sitting on interminable teleconferences that wiped out the whole morning. There are times when being the chief designer, for such a huge undertaking as this, can be a positive pain in the ear. One interesting nuance to this opportunity, however, is the client's hands-off attitude to design; the Gorse Fox may end up being the ultimate authority for what gets designed and installed as nobody else seems willing to step up to the mark. This could be an interesting story for the memoires.

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The Gray Monk said...

Fingers are crossed that all goes smoothly. It can be exciting when a client steps back and allows the designer free reign. Good luck.