Tuesday, April 09, 2013


The Gorse Fox ha a dreadful night. The pain from his foot woke him every time he moved. By five o'clock he was dying to get up and about.

And early breakfast was enjoyed before grabbing a taxi down to the client's site. As it was only seven thirty, the place was deserted so the Gorse Fox was able to get on with some work and setting up the day. The think about this foot problem is that it is entirely painless if there is no weight on it and the Gorse Fox is sitting still. It only hurts when trying to move about.

As the day progressed the acute pain began to disappear and now the Gorse Fox can get about a little more easily. The foot is still stiff, but at least it is not so painful. This, by the way, dictated the Gorse Fox's evening meal. He was clearly not going to chance walking far so he took his place in the hotel restaurant for an early meal. Now back in the hotel he plans a quiet evening in front of the TV and an early night.

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