Friday, April 26, 2013


Wiring up the computer in the new house, the Gorse Fox decided to adapt the network design used in Foxearth and prepare for the installation of the phone lines. As Gorse Fox has pressed the dining room into use as his study, there is no phone point. This, in theory, is not a major problem. The ADSL router and WiFi hub will be sited elsewhere in the house and the signal carried over the power-line.

The theory was fine except for one thing. the Network Attached Storage wouldn't show up in the configuration. The Gorse Fox went through a number of diagnostic processes, but it just would not appear in the configuration. He returned to first principles. (Why does he not try first principles first? Surely the clue is in the name?). He started to trace the wires and cables... et voila, the power socket was not properly pressed home. Face/palm slap, and 10 seconds later everything was working fine.

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