Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy day

The Gorse Fox was up early and got his planned train up to Starfleet in London. Train was quite full compared to what he was used to, but at least he had a seat - and the journey was 10 minutes shorter.

At Starfleet the day began with some admin that had ben difficult to do from home with the 3G-only connection. From then on he was imbedded in calls and meetings for the rest of the day. The upshot of one such meeting was a great success in that the Gorse Fox has been authorised to bring another colleague on board to help with this significant conundrum. He starts tomorrow with a briefing from the Gorse Fox and then attending a meeting with the client.

Managed to get the 18:04 train - let's see if it runs to schedule. If it does, Gorse Fox should be home soon after 19:30.

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