Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About town

Another day in town. As the Gorse Fox was at the station early, he took the earlier, slow train. It arrives in London at the same time as the fat train of yesterday, but stops more frequently during the first part of the journey. The difference was that it started at Bognor Regis and so the Gorse Fox was boarding at the first stop and thus the train was sparsely filled and the journey quite comfortable.

In the Starfleet office the Gorse Fox met up with his new team member and spent a couple of hours briefing him on the project in preparation for the afternoon's meeting with the client. It was nice to meet up with him again, it being a couple of years since we have worked together.

Afternoon was spent at the client's office, across in The City, getting a briefing on the client's view of the programme and the previous history thereof. There are more workshops tomorrow, but the Gorse Fox will rely on his side-kick to attend those - he has to write up his plan for technical governance of the programme over the next few years and provide several possible scenarios for the make-up and operation of the Design Authority (which the Gorse Fox will lead). It will mean another day London tomorrow.

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