Sunday, March 17, 2013


As the rain continues to fall from a grey sky, the Gorse Fox might struggle to believe he is isn't In Wales or Manchester or somewhere equally damp. He is buoyed up however, having chatted with Cousteau-cub this morning and heard all the latest news about this week's wedding. We only wish we could be there with her.

This and a a chat with Urban-cub stimulated the Gorse Fox into spending most of the day scanning web sites for flights and accommodation for a trip to Thailand in the summer. This time the plan is to take Urban-cub with us and to spend our 40th Wedding Anniversary out on the shores of the Andaman Sea. GF has found some decent deals, but also been disappointed by some of the results of what he had thought to be bright ideas. He has also left the same travel agency he used last time to do some research of their own and expects them to report back tomorrow. One big shame is that Air Asia have moved their Bankgok operation from the main airport (BKK) to the old airport (DMK) - this means that the timing don't really work out for cheap connecting flights.

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