Monday, March 04, 2013

Encased in the Adminisphere

Monday seemed to be going well. The paper that the Gorse Fox had to prepare was drafted and and looking good. Meetings for tomorrow afternoon had been agreed, and bags were already packed for this evening's hop up to Edinburgh.

However this planet of pleasure was encapsulated in an adminisphere of pain. The Gorse Fox had to confirm benefit elections made last week, set up appeals meetings with some staff, check on the progress of performance improvement plans, and complete his own objectives for the year.

On top of all this GF seems to have mislaid a charging cable for his phone - heavens knows where it has gone - he was using is last week when transferring holiday photos to the computer. Annoying thing is that this is the spare that GF uses when travelling. The nice man at Mr Amazon is sending a new one, and GF will have to use his primary cable for this week's trip.

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