Saturday, March 09, 2013


With the house sale still progressing The Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen will have to find somewhere to go when we move out of here. The house that we want to buy is unlikely to be built for another 12 months so Plan A was to look at renting. A new housing development on the northern edge of Worthing, snuggling beneath Cissbury Ring, was opened to the market today.

Gorse Fox had pre-booked to visit the development and we duly turned up to hear the marketing guff and to  see the show home. It is clear they will be nice houses - but it seems that the designers of today have had their common sense removed. Some examples:

  • Largest house - 5 bedrooms - has a single garage;
  • Largest house - smallest kitchen;
  • Study - too small for a desk and book shelves
  • Kitchens in three of the house designs have no room for stand-alone fridge
  • No evidence of structured cabling

On top of this there were little things that just shouted at the Gorse Fox:

  • There were some splits in the wood of the door architrave in one room
  • The baseboard heater grill was not square to the wall
  • The external utility access panels were not square

These were expensive houses - and even the show-house revealed questionable attention to detail.


Gigibird said...

I think developers of today work on absolute minimum of what they can get away with with room sizes and specifications - builder Jeff from the Telegraph who for me is a voice for common sense on many a subject isn't a fan of new builds as many people chose them for low maintenance trouble free living and have anything but.
Have you considered looking for a plot of land?

The Gorse Fox said...

Yes, have thought about it, but not progressed with it. As nice as it would be, GF is not sure we could put up with the hassle.