Saturday, February 09, 2013


It was time for a hair cut. Angus found a slot in his appointment book and the Gorse Fox duly turned up and teased him about the current situation that Aston Villa find themselves in. This might not have been a smart move as he was wielding scissors and a trimmer. GF is now worried he may have something rude carved into the back of his head.

The advantage of a living in a bungalow is that cleaning the windows is a fairly simple process. Despite a gently rain, GF made his way round the house trying to free the windows of their winter detritus and salt deposits. No doubt, now that they are clean we will have another storm to muck them up again.

Managed to catch the second half of the Spurs game against Newcastle - another fine win; and whilst everyone focusses on Gareth Bale, the Gorse Fox thought that the industry and work rate put in by Aaron Lennon made him the man of the match.

Great win for Southampton too. That'll please Pistol Pete.

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