Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not a good start

The Gorse Fox was scheduled to be in London. A train was scheduled to stop at Angmering at 07:38 - all looked well. Until 07:38 that is. Then the announcement informed the passengers, as they turned to icicles on the platform, that there was a fault on the train and it would be delayed.

Ten minutes later there was a further announcement; the train had been cancelled. Gorse Fox immediately texted his client and colleagues that he would be delayed and stood in the cold for a further thirty-five minutes until the next train arrived. He settled in for the journey and eventually arrive at his client's site some 30 minutes late (but still 20 minutes earlier than one of the client's colleagues who was meant to be with us).

Gathering his day-pass the Gorse Fox settled in to the conference room, then slid out to grab a cup of tea. His day pass dropped and bounced off his foot straight under a filing cabinet. It was evident that this could turn out to be a bad day. Scuttling back to the conference, tea in hand, he decided to stay put, taking no further chances for the day.

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