Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being sorted

The nice Mr Amazon delivered a new desktop router. As GF couldn't seem to coax the printer into communicating wirelessly, he decided to connect it to his LAN. This has proved partially successful - at least GF can now print - though has not yet managed to get the scanner to behave.

It was an interesting day from a work perspective. The team had managed to meet their deadlines and everything was on schedule. The client has dropped off radar for paternity leave, but that won't stop our progress. Having got everything under way and under control, it seems that GF is being moved on again and expects (in a couple of weeks time) to be picking up another project with the same client. GF wishes he could get a little stability but evidently his ability to shape new projects, and his extensive experience in dealing with all types of computer are too valuable when there are so many projects to launch.

Travel booked for another trip to Edinburgh next week.

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