Friday, February 15, 2013

Ahhh Home

The Gorse Fox loves having the opportunity to work from home - aiming to do this every week, and being pretty successful, all things considered.

Starting with the admin of allocating annual bonuses (bribes are still welcome, team!), the Gorse Fox then progressed on to defining the need for and function of a Design Authority in his new Programme and specifying its terms of reference. These have been sent out for review and comment. It will be interesting to see the response (given the history of such a function in previous programmes with the same client).

Then it was a briefing for Dr Bognor, who is taking over as our exec on this programme. (Made sure he was on board with a number of ideas and suggestions).

Good day really.

Off to meet with GF's little sister and B-i-L for dinner tonight.

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