Saturday, January 26, 2013


Well there you go.

An offer for the purchase of the house arrived in the post. It was not enough, but one assumes it to be an opening gambit. The Gorse Fox fed back to Agent, as such. Then we cleared out to the local Costa Coffee whilst another Agent brought a couple round for a viewing, and soon as we got back the phone rang to arrange yet another viewing in the afternoon. There's certainly a new vibrancy in the market. Let's hope it turns into a concrete (and acceptable) offer.

One of GF's external hard drives has failed. This has compromised his backup regime. Several hours were spent re-designing the regime and moving files about. GF now has a three level backup scheme whereby the master files are backed up elsewhere within the home system, and the backups are backed up to storage in the "cloud".


The Gray Monk said...

I lost an external hard drive a couple of years ago - I'm still missing data files ...

The Gorse Fox said...

Fortunately this was only used as a backup drive, so the master files still exist elsewhere. Now that the regime has been changed, everything is still protected.