Monday, January 14, 2013

Up North

After a day in the home office, Gorse Fox headed for Gatwick and checked-in for his Edinburgh flight. The usual security checks were much quicker being early evening, so Gorse Fox was soon waiting in the lounge for the flight to be called.

A phone call came in. It was the she-Admiral. Seems like Gorse Fox is in great demand. This latest call was regarding yet another opportunity - this time with a venture capitalist seeking our help. Gorse Fox explained what he was up to, and left it to her to make the priority call.

The trip to Edinburgh was trouble-free and Gorse Fox was soon checking in to his hotel. "Would you like a Scotsman in your room in the morning". Gorse Fox hesitated. That was an offer that may appeal to some of his colleagues... But not one that flats his boat! Gorse Fox hesitated and then remembered that was the name of the local newspaper, The Scotsman; he declined anyway. Turns out that Gorse Fox is a gold level member on their rewards system, and as such was upgraded to an executive suite. Good start to the trip.

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