Monday, January 28, 2013


Gorse Fox is preparing to travel again. The problem has been determining when best to go to Edinburgh this week. In the end, the way things have panned out - today turned out to be the answer. Booking at the last minute has not been easy. Starfleet uses Amex as their travel agent, but cannot handle bookings within 12 hours of departure on-line. This meant finding a phone number, navigating through and immensely irritating menu system, only to find the agent had to log in to EasyJet the same way that GF does. In then it became so torturous that GF backed off and booked directly.

Locked in Europe-wide, then World-wide teleconferences for much of the day. The EU one was dreadful concentrating on how to drive our Reveuue Earning Units (people) harder, but at least the WW call was informative and punchy and actually quite inspiring.

One the house front, another couple returning for second viewing this afternoon. Another offer received, but again not at an acceptable value - but better than the last one.

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