Wednesday, January 09, 2013


The Gorse Fox had an interesting day. It started with an air of smugness as he enjoyed 30 minutes on the treadmill before breakfast.

Once work started it was a matter of refreshing his memory on the project he had finished last year with... and then a quick hop along the south coast to the home of the Spitfire design effort for a meeting to discuss the various stratagems that might be employed to ensure Starfleet gets maximum traction with the client, before the shutter come down - as the will with a Government procurement.

Back home, he took a call from a colleague. The call was ostensibly an interesting opportunity - but was laced with menace, once Gorse Fox had determined who the client was. He has agreed to help out if necessary as long as it does not involve long stays in the far North and that he will drop out as soon as his Government  procurement kicks off. Nothing may come of it, but it seems like another poisoned chalice.

Have been delving into Microsoft OneNote as a method of organising disparate data. Not ready to commit to it yet, but it does seem to have some nice features. However, though the product seems ubiquitous, many of the features do not work on all of the support platforms.


Pete Russell said...

Have you tried Evernote? Lynda and I both use it all the time, although Lynda does use Onenote on her work's Windows laptop, she finds Evernote more useful since it has Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, web and 'Droid versions. Good cloud repository too. Tag support is good.

The Gorse Fox said...

Yes, I already use Evernote quite extensively - but wondered if OneNote had any features and functions that would be beneficial. So far, I haven't really found any compelling arguments to switch.