Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Southern Front

Goorse Fox checked out of the hotel and wandered to the Starfleet Office with his roller case dragging behind. He thought he'd be clever and cut through the bus station, but that didn't work out quite as smoothly as expected and he ended up having to traverse the main concourse.

Over night the template containing an earlier proposition for the client had arrived. This provided a model from which the Gorse Fox could construct a similar proposition for this new piece of work. By early afternoon the task was done, and as colleagues had booked the boardroom (where he was working) he packed his things and headed for the airport. After a lengthy security check (evidently they have nothing better to do on a quiet afternoon than harass regular travellers) - GF made it to the departure lounge where he listened to his book until it was time to board.

Back in Gatwick it took several minutes to defrost the car (which had been parked on the roof of the car park). GF was on on his way, and forty-five minutes later was home.

It was dreadful to hear of the helicopter accident in London today, but somehow lucky that there were so few fatalities and injuries.

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