Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prelude continues

Well the prelude continues. Gorse Fox checked-out of the hotel and wandered round to the Starfleet office - at least there is decent connectivity there, unlike the client's site. He continued with his preparations and research throughout the morning, but was invited to join several meetings and call for the afternoon.

  • Inbound note: "Hello, can you make yourself available for a call1 600-1700?"
  • Response from GF: "I am available between 1600-1630, and have other meeting and calls scheduled round that time"
  • A few minutes later an invite arrives for a call to run from 1500-1700. 
  • GF responds that, as said he is only available between 1600-1630.
  • At 1530 he gets a text message asking him to join the call - he is in a meeting with the client and ignores it.
  • At 1600 he dials in to the call, as promised. The call has already ended!
Did manage to get away at a sensible time and the taxi driver carved his way through the rush hour traffic to the airport. Plane landed 25 minutes early, which was a bonus.

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