Friday, January 11, 2013


It's Friday at last. The end of the first week back, and somehow this could not come quickly enough.

Much of the day was spent swatting up on further details regarding the EU project reviewed yesterday. This, however, was interrupted by the requirement to seek permission for next week's trip to Edinburgh, which actually came through remarkably quickly. Gorse Fox had the foresight not to request a single trip, but multiple trips over the next few months.

Late morning meant a conference call with Starfleet's commanders. As senior Revenue Generating Resource Units it was a predictable review of the performance from last year and the rallying call for this year. Basically, the answer was "work harder, work longer, and give up more of your free time to 'give back' to the Corps"

As last year's staff appraisals are about to be announced, the Gorse Fox was again approached to manage the Performance Improvement Plans for the lowest performers. He is ambivalent about this. He is happy to help with the process, and appreciates that his experience is such that he is able to coach people to do better. However, he feels that the arbitrary decisions that define how many people fall into this catchment are not really fair and show little respect for the individuals involved. Discussing this with his Captain the conclusion was that Starfleet is not the Service we had both joined.

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