Friday, January 25, 2013

Curate's Egg

Well Gorse Fox has ended the week on a bit of mixed bag. His annual review went very much as expected, despite the fact that the she-Admiral seems to think he is the great Satan. Fortunately there was sufficient argument and evidence to counter the view. However, it is a relief!

The start of the project looks as if it will be delayed a bit further, but GF is not surprised. It is already clear that there is more politics in this client than in Westminster. At least it means GF won't have to hot-foot it up to Edinburgh on Sunday night in order for a Monday start.

GF received a call from a colleague asking for advice regarding his appraisal. It does sound as if he has been harshly graded and GF has recommended he launches an appeal.

Heard from the Estate Agents - latest viewers love the house and have now put theirs on the market and are planning an offer. On hearing the value discussed, GF told the Agent to reset their expectations as the number mentioned would not be accepted. Another couple are viewing on Saturday so we will continue to wait for the right bid.


The Gray Monk said...

It sounds as if you have the same problem with your she-Admiral that I once had with my Admiral ... It didn't matter how much I achieved or pioneered or achieved, it was always lacking ...

The Gorse Fox said...

She's not that bad really. In fact she can be quite sweet. The problem was that she had one view of what GF was meant to be doing, and he had different view; also he suspects she thought he was involved more than he actually was - given that she had given him another project as his Number one priority.