Saturday, January 12, 2013

Be Prepared

The Gorse Fox believes he has mentioned the fact that he has to go back up to Scotland for a few days next week. Just to be contrary the weather forecast has decided that we should have snow. Obviously fed up with the balmy beach weather we get here, the weather has decided a few inches of snow and several degrees of frost are called for.

This stirred the Gorse Fox into action. His blissfully comfortable work shoes are smart enough, but leak when wet, and have about as much grip as freshly waxed ski. Time for some shoes/boot. This, you would think, should be an easy exercise. It's not. The Gorse Fox has evidently got his grandfather's feet (well, he doesn't need them any more), and has real problems if the shoes are not a good fit, or if the fail to provide the right support in the right places. This means that really he only has a choice of Clark's shoes. So began an online search for a suitable style and then phone calls to the local stockists looking for an outlet. Rustington was a non-starter and the assistant was barely civil, Worthing didn't have the range, so the afternoon saw a trip to Chichester. A suitable style was selected, but the colour was wrong - so further calls took us to Bognor where the Gorse Fox was suitably shod... and is now prepared for the forecast conditions.

Talking of preparation. The Sky+ box has been busy recording various shows throughout the week. What a good job it has because tonight's scheduled TV has been dreadful. We spent the whole evening catching up on recordings.

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