Monday, December 10, 2012


We had a disturbing call last night. Our dearest friends had become victims of the current youth nihilism. Their grand-daughter had asked a few friends to the house - this got out through some social media, and in the end the house was swamped and by the time the Police arrived it had been completely trashed and the family have had to move out.

It is unutterably sad that such total disregard for people and their property seems ingrained in so many of today's kids. The impact that it has on the victims is terrible - yet the kids seem to think its fun. Teenagers were never rational - but at least the strong discipline of school and the respect for authority used to keep things like this as very rare events. Now the publicity of the social media sites, the influence of narcotics, the glamour of corrosive computer games and the total disregard for other people are the dividend that we reap from the pathetic liberal attitudes of the "educationalists" that seem to have switched the progress of mankind into reverse.

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The Gray Monk said...

Appalling. I sincerely hope the police can at least track down some of the culprits, but I fear they won't take any action at all.

The removal of discipline from all child rearing overlooks the fact that if you don't enforce the concept of respect for the property of others, you loose the glue that holds a society together. What a shame that those who perpetrated the "no discipline" approach can't be held responsible for this sort of event.