Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Department of Work and Pensions

In response to a comment left against the weekend's blog post regarding taxation... of the £231.59 of your £1000 of tax which goes to the DWP:
  • £106.08 goes to State Pensions
  • £32.85 goes to Housing Benefit
  • £26.10 goes to Disability Living Allowance + Attendance Allowance
  • £12.43 goes to Pension Credit
  • £11.82 goes to Income Support
  • £11.80 goes to Incapacity Benefit and Employment & Support Allowance
  • £8.91 goes to Other
  • £7.56 goes to Council Tax Benefit
  • £6.84 goes to Jobseeker's Allowance
  • £4.18 goes to Winter Fuel Payments
  • £3.03 goes to Statutory Maternity Pay
(All of these figures from "Government Spending 20010-11")


The Gray Monk said...

Thanks, I wonder why we have to have a "Pension Credit" to support inadequate pensions? No, too much common sense ...

The Gorse Fox said...
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