Saturday, November 17, 2012

Satisfying - to a point

Well that turned out to be a good day (up to a point, though the debacle at the Emirates will brook no further comment).
Firstly, Gf had to find a suitable present for Pistol Pete, that didn't involve him going to QPR to score the winning goal for Southampton. After consultation with Urban-cub, a suitable solution was found and GF delivered said birthday gift to the lad.
Meanwhile Southampton were playing their part in the day's celebration, and beat QPR 3-1.

With the Silver Vixen's birthday coming up mid-week, GF also had to finalise his plans for that. Significant research was applied to a number of options and items, but in the end GF thinks he has homed in on the perfect solution... however, more on that later in the week.

The rest of the day was spent reading a database manual and trying out various features. He hasn't yet got to the bit that he was really wanting to learn, deciding to read it from the beginning and that way may pick some hints and tips that he did not already know. He hasn't learnt too much so far, but has picked up a few new things. Hopefully a few hours tomorrow will move this on into the bits where he is really struggling to find the best way to achieve his planned outcome.

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